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The Gospel

We believe wholeheartedly that the Gospel is Good News, and that Love Works Always.

The Father, Son,

Holy Spirit, and the


Truly, the Father is not mad at us but has done everything to redeem us from our enemy and deliver us into the His Kingdom through His son Jesus. The Father is completely in love with us.  He has a purpose and an amazing plan for all. Holy Spirit teaches us all things concerning Jesus. He empowers us to Live according to the Word of God, He advocates for us, comforts us, counsels us and reminds us of all that is contained in God’s life giving Word . (John 14:26)

God and You

Our joyful expectation is that as you encounter the Father’s love for you and grow in His Word, that you will also grow into these purposes and plans He created you for. We know the Lord has given everyone gifts and talents to shape and transform the World. We believe that the work the Father has begun in you , He will finish.

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